Video: Sony's Full Frame Cyber-shot at Photokina

Sony blows the lid off of its Cyber-shot line with the new $2800 full frame RX1. We take a look at this compact beast at Photokina 2012.

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If you haven't heard by now, Sony has three new products with full frame image sensors at Photokina: there's the new Alpha A99 interchangeable lens camera, the Handycam NEX-VG900 camcorder, and, probably the most surprising of the three, the Cyber-shot RX1 camera. Yup, Sony put a huge full frame image sensor (roughly the size of traditional 35mm film) inside the body of a point-and-shoot camera—and that camera costs $2800.

Sure, the RX1 comes with an excellent Carl Zeiss 35mm f/2.0 lens, but there's something extremely unusual about paying close to three grand for a camera that doesn't let you change lenses. Still, we guess that's the appeal of the RX1. A high-end camera for pros that can fit in your coat pocket. Want to take amazing travel photos without having to pack along your bulky DSLR? Well, the Cyber-shot RX1 is your $2800 answer.

We should note the clear similarities between the RX1 and the much larger Alpha A99. The two cameras have the same full frame imager, many of the same features and controls, and even come with the same price tag. The Alpha A99, however, costs $2800 without a lens, so you will need to spend a bit more (or have an A-mount lens already) before you can start shooting with the A99. Compared to the A99, the RX1 also lacks a built-in viewfinder, doesn't have a front control dial, and handles completely different due to its smaller package. But just looking at the core features, it's not hard to argue that the RX1 is like a shrunken A99 with a fixed lens.

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