Video: Three New Micro Four Thirds Lenses From Olympus

Olympus showed off three new Micro Four Thirds lenses at Photokina 2012: a splash-proof 60mm macro, a 15mm "body cap" lens that's just 9mm thick, and a premium 17mm f/1.8 prime still under development.

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Olympus pulled back the curtain on several exciting new lenses this year at Photokina, and we managed to spend some time tinkering with the new glass while asking plenty of questions.

First off is the 17mm f/1.8 prime lens that comes in two colors: silver and black. The lens features "snapshot focus", which we've previously seen on their 12mm f/2.0. With a simple pull of the lens ring, you can switch to a more precise manual focus mode that mimics the feel of a focusing ring you'd find on an older manual focus SLR lens. The premium, all-metal lens is still under development and not yet available to the public, but we were told it should be in stores within the first half of next year.

The second new lens on display is a 60mm f/2.8 macro. It's very similar to the existing Four Thirds-mount 50mm macro lens in quality, but the engineers at Olympus added splash- and dustproofing, a new silent autofocus system that's perfect for shooting video, and a focus limiter switch. It seems to have been designed with the company's OM-D camera in mind, as that body also sports a splash- and dustproof design.

Finally, Olympus showed us a unique "body cap" lens that measures an insane 9mm thick. It's a 15mm f/8 pancake that allows you to pop your camera in your pocket without having to remove the lens. There's even a small switch on the front to close the lens and protect it from dust and debris while carrying it around. Its triplet optical design is simple but time-honored, and can apparently produce some serious image quality.

The descriptions don't really do these products justice, though, so be sure to check out our video walkthrough of these new lenses.

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