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This beginner friendly Canon DSLR is the lowest price we've ever seen

The perfect new companion for your springtime frolics.

Canon T5 DSLR Credit: / Jackson Ruckar

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It's finally spring! That means you'll have way more opportunities to venture outdoors and spend time with friends and family without freezing. What with all the flowers blooming, why not capture your springtime memories with the Canon DSLR you've always dreamed of owning?

Canon's own refurbished store sells a EOS Rebel T5 DSLR for as little as $279. You would have been hard-pressed to find a decent point-and-shoot for that money a few years ago, much less a real DSLR. It's not the best camera you can buy, but it'll amaze you how much better your photos look with this Rebel T5 than with your smartphone. Just like with any Canon product, you get a full year of limited warranty included.

Buy the Canon EOS Rebel T5 with kit lens (Canon refurbished) for $279

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