99 Cents Only Stores Sell 99 Cent Digital Cameras

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July 20, 2006 – *At today’s grand opening of the company’s newest location in Concord, northern California, 99 Cents Only Stores is selling iPod Nanos and digital cameras for the stunning low price of 99 cents.

Starting at 8am, the new 16,200 square feet discount retailer offered the first 9 customers an Apple 2GB iPod Nano for only 99 cents. The next 99 customers could purchase an All Electronics Corp. Gemini digital camera for the same less-than-a-dollar price tag.

Normally retailing at $25, according to 99 Cent Stores agent Diana De Loza, the Gemini micro slim camera can shoot digital stills, record video, or be used as a web cam, states the All Electronics website. With 8 MB of internal SD memory, the Gemini can take 26 VGA photos (480x640) or 105 pictures at QVGA. Video capabilities include 60 second clips. The 99 cent camera is fitted with a 6.9mm f3.2 lens.

Among other items, the 99 Cents Only Stores also sells food, drinks, health and beauty products, and household supplies. For the weekend following the grand opening date, the Concord shop location will also offer other products at the 99 cent price mark, including 2000 millennium official pin collections, Jan Donaire Cheesecakes, and Richard Simmons’ ab workout bar and video sets.

The 99 Cents Only Stores company is the oldest single-price retail chain in the country, according to the website, with locations in Arizona, Nevada, Texas, and California. Last year, 99 Cents Only Stores reported sales for each store were 4.4 million, averaging sales of $252 per square foot.

The new 99 Cents Only Stores location is 1701 Willow Pass, Concord, California.

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