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Adobe Releases CS3 Bridge Beta 2 Update

Adobe Releases CS3 Bridge Beta 2 Update

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January 25, 2007 – Adobe released last week an update to Photoshop CS3 beta announced last month for the batch processing tool, the Bridge Beta 2 for Mac and Windows users, according to a Jan. 18 Adobe Bridge update webpage. The Bridge update corrects a number of bugs and includes new support for multiple monitors, loupe enhancements, and flat folder viewing.

Bridge Beta 2 corrects a memory leak corruption, among other bug fixes. After user feedback, according to the update page, Adobe added multiple monitor support, allowing users to work with a synchronized Photoshop on more than one computer. The new update also includes improvements with the loupe tools for enhanced dragging of images.

Users can now view their folders in a flat view, allowing them to quickly find files, according to the page.

Photoshop CS3 users can find a full list of improvements on the Adobe site at

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