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Asian Digital Camera Market Passes 10 Million Unit Mark

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*June 6, 2005 *- With a little over 10 million cameras shipped in Asia last year, the Pacific Rim market for digital cameras is expected to continue to grow in 2005, according to digital camera trade analysts IDC. The 10 million camera mark represents a 39 percent increase in camera shipments over 2003, with China, Australia, and South Korea emerging as the top three markets outside the Japanese consumer market. 

Interestingly, the IDC survey concluded that consumers’ purchases were driven more by pricing and overall look of the camera rather than technological features. IDC also notes there is a relative glut of 3 megapixel digital cameras on the Asian market and that in the coming six months 4 megapixel models will surpass them in sales.

India’s digital camera market is expected to grow by 50 percent in 2005, according to IDC, with the Chinese market increasing by 26 percent this year as well. Also, Taiwan and Hong Kong consumers have apparently begun to buy higher resolution cameras.

The IDC study also quizzed consumers on what they do with their digital images. 74 percent of respondents archived their images, while 31 percent printed them out. The quality of printouts was a concern to 22 percent of consumers sampled. This group was more interested in finding retail photo finishers to process their digital images.

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