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Astral Specialized Canon 20Da Coming to US in July

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June 6, 2005 - *Canon USA has updated the public on the release date and price of the astral-optimized EOS 20Da digital SLR announced last week, indicating consumers should expect the camera next month at an estimated price of $2,199.

Japanese consumers have had the EOS-20Da for months now and have utilized its ability to take images of astronomical features with much more color detail, especially in hydrogen based reds.

The enhanced red colors, found in some astronomical formations, are achieved through the modification of the camera’s infrared blocking filter, which normally reduces reddish tones in the standard EOS 20D. The resulting images have higher contrast and yield sharper images that would normally be diffused.

Canon has also modified the camera’s mirror and opened the shutter to provide a live image view on the EOS 20Da’s 1.8-inch LCD.

Last week European consumers learned that they too will receive the EOS-20Da shortly.