BenVista Releases Enlargement Software PhotoZoom Pro 2.2

Read about BenVista's updated program PhotoZoom Pro 2.2.

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March 29, 2007 – BenVistax launched yesterday an update to their digital image resizing software, PhotoZoom Pro version 2.2, a program that promises to create large-scale images without artifacts and blurred edges which is typical of photo enlargements.

BenVista introduced PhotoZoom Pro in August 2006, which is photo enlargement software tailored for large-format digital printers, Web design, and online publishers. PhotoZoom Pro can also be used for examining images up close in space technology, security, medical and forensic fields, according to the company website.

BenVista claims its S-Spline XL interpolation algorithm differentiates it from other photo enlargement software. For instance, if a user wanted to print a 400x300 pixel image at 4x its dimensions, a 1600x1200 pixel image would need to be created, with the software filling in the missing pixels. Unlike other enlargement software programs that consider the averages of pixels, the S-Spline algorithm is adaptive and evaluates the values of pixels, yielding better results, according to the website.

PhotoZoom Pro 2.2 improvements include faster performance, enhanced preference settings, and a new manual.

The software is compatible with Photoshop 6 or higher and Corel’s Paint Shop Pro and Photo-PAINT. With compatibility for both PC and Mac computers, PhotoZoom Pro supports Windows 95 and higher operating systems and Mac OS X 10.3 or higher. Users can download the software as a stand-alone program or as an Adobe Photoshop plug-in companion.

The software is available for download for $149 for the full version while the update is free for existing users. A free trial version of BenVista’s PhotoZoom Pro 2.2. is available for download at

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