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Samsung Digimax Pro815 Officially Released

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*June 2, 2005 *- Samsung has officially made known that its Digimax Pro815, first seen at a photography expo in Beijing this spring, will soon be on the market. The camera wowed initial spectators with its massive 15x optical zoom lens and 3.5-inch LCD screen, also adding 8 megapixels of resolution to the compact camera package.

In terms of design, the Digimax Pro815 is styled similarly to a Digital SLR. The Samsung Digimax Pro815 has a 15x optical zoom lens, equivalent to a 28-420mm variable focal length in 35mm format. The lens is manufactured by Schneider-Kreuznach and includes a mechanical zoom ring, applied focus ring, and an additional compensation ring surrounding the large lens barrel.

The camera itself is branded with the Samsung name, along with an "D815" mark, which most likely represents its resolution - 8 MP, and its optical zoom capabilities - 15x. The back of the camera augments the camera’s appeal, applying a fixed 3.5-inch LCD monitor to the large frame.

A variety of information has been available about the Digimax Pro815 since its appearance at the public expo in China, but it has been difficult to rely on because of translation issues. A formal announcement and associated press splash is expected from Samsung soon.

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