Buyer Beware: Sigma Grey Imports

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*July 21, 2006 – *On Monday, Sigma Corp. of America released a consumer warning to beware unauthorized foreign imports of Sigma EX products.

"Buying goods cheaply doesn’t always mean you are getting a great value. There are hidden pitfalls many consumers are unaware of," stated Sigma’s press release.

Unauthorized US dealers often break up the product packages of the illegitimate foreign imports, called grey imports, and sell the lens caps, lens hoods, back caps, or even instruction manuals as extras, according to the release.

The grey imports also do not come with Sigma’s four-year warranty.

Moreover, the imports, Sigma suggests, are often removed from packaging and stored in damp, humid areas, making the optics vulnerable to fungal growth.

"Grey importers undercut legitimate retailers because of their irregular practices," said the release. The onslaught of grey imports could cause the "knock-on effect," said Sigma’s release, in which the unauthorized merchants could weed out the need for authorized retailers.

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