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Camera Phones Increase Resolution, Broaden Appeal

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October 20, 2004 — While most camera phones have a single megapixel, this week Mitsubishi and Samsung released phones with four and five megapixels, respectively. The camera phone market has expanded globally, as consumers look for multifunctional wireless telephones.

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation announced a 4-megapixel camera phone Tuesday, which will be available at the end of the year. This 3-gram camera isn’t designed for professionals; it only has automatic functions, but it is touted as a quality camera for close-up objects, faraway landscapes and everything in between. This device can shoot photos at 2304 x 1728. This camera phone also has a movie mode, which can shoot 30 frames a second in low resolution and 7.5 frames per second in full resolution.

Today, Samsung announced the SCH-S250, a 5-megapixel camera phone that is the epitome of multifunction. This phone can be a TV, a mobile banker and a camcorder. It can also play MP3 music files on its 64-voice polyphonic audio system. This thing can even recognize speech and convert it to text messages. The Samsung SCH-S250 has 92MB of internal memory, so users can store up to 100 minutes of video or 25 photos at full resolution. The SCH-S250 uses an Asahi Pentax CCD camera module. The camera phone comes with a flash, a maximum shutter speed of 1/1000th of a second and a macro mode that allows the user to shoot subjects as close as 10 centimeters. This camera phone will only be available in South Korea, with availability beginning at the end of the month. The price tag has not yet been released. Samsung is aiming to top the market with 10-megapixel camera phones within the next few months.

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