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Canon Announces New Digitally Optimized Speedlite 430EX

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August 22, 2005 – Canon today announced the Speedlite 430EX, a digitally-optimized flash that includes features designed for communication with EOS digital SLRs.

Replacing the Speedlite 420EX, the Speedlite 430EX targets users of Canon’s digital EOS line, providing advanced communication with digital SLRs. The 430EX is capable of automatically adjusting the camera’s white balance and detecting which model it is attached to. One the model has been identified, the flash unit will alter the angle of coverage to suit the dimensions of the camera’s imaging sensor size.

The modified flash is equipped with a dual-LED focus assist beam, producing a pattern designed to enhance compatibility with all focus points within the various EOS auto focus systems.

The Speedlite 430x has a coverage range of 24mm to 105mm and a guide number of 43 (m/ISO 100 at 105mm). A built-in diffuser allows the range to be extended to 14mm.

In addition to the flash’s automatic controls, users can also adjust illumination output from full to 1/64. The flash had can be moved up from 0–90 degrees, in five settings; left from 0-180 degrees, in seven settings; and right from 0-90 degrees, in 4 settings.

The Speedlite 430EX features a shorter recycle time than the Speedlite 420EX it replaces, in a smaller and lighter package. The flash is expected to be available in mid September at an estimated price of $299.99

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