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Canon Buys Anelva Corp, Aims to Manufacturer LCDs Internally

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October 5,2005 - *In an effort to someday profit off of the manufacturer of surface-conduction electron-emitter display or SED devices, Canon yesterday bought 53.9% of NEC Machinery and all of NEC Machinery’s shares in Anelva Corp., a subsidiary of NEC Corp.

Anelva manufactures equipment that in turn manufactures LCDs and other flat panel displays. Canon someday desires to manufacture SEDs inside the company to better protect its technological developments from competitors, and its purchase of Anelva is ideally a step in the right direction. The maneuver could in fact be beneficial in two ways: Canon’s hold over flat panel production technology would mean that the company would profit from using the technology to manufacturer components needed by competitors.

While Canon said that 5.1 billion yen ($46.8 billion) had been set aside for acquiring NEC Machinery, it did not disclose the final amount it paid for the purchase.

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