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Canon is Top eBay Search; Sony Not Far Behind

Canon is Top eBay Search, Sony not Far Behind

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*November 27, 2006* – Canon is the top word search on eBay’s "Cameras & Photo" category, according to the Photo Marketing Association, followed by Nikon and Sony.In a two-week period ending Nov. 22, Canon’s Digital Rebel XT was the number one digital camera searched.

The term "Canon" also ranked high in the Digital Cameras search category, taking second place after "Digital Rebel XT" by Canon, which underwent a manufacturer price reduction this month.Consumers also commonly searched for Sony, which ranked third.Users also searched for "digital cameras" and then "Nikon."

The Canon brand name was popular all around, including the Digital Camera Accessories category, over "sd card" and "Sony digital camera."

Sony was also a popular search in the Cameras & Photo, Digital Cameras, and the Accessories categories, ranking as the third most commonly searched words across all three eBay categories.Since the eBay data watch was conducted, however, Sony issued a statement this past Friday, indicating that eight Cyber-shot models were potentially defective.

If these trends hold true, this should prove to be an interesting day for both manufacturers; known as 'Cyber Monday,' today is considered the busiest online shopping day of the year.  

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