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Canon Launches CMOS Sensor Site

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September 12, 2005 - Canon has a launched a website promoting its CMOS sensor technology, highlighting the advantages of CMOS sensor based cameras as well as the technology behind them.

The site is divided into four areas: Image capture, which provides a number of images to illustrate the benefits of CMOS sensors; Technology, which utilizes charts and figures to display how CMOS sensors work; Full-frame appeal, which uses images to illustrate the advantages of Canon’s full frame sensors; and Shooting options, which provides a variety of examples of CMOS sensors in practice under less than ideal conditions.

Within the deluge of information contained on the site, users will find tidbits such as a technical description of how CMOS sensors are able to produce images lower in noise than CCD sensors, thanks to on-sensor image processors, and a side by side comparison of the different sizes of sensors and the advantages inherent in each. The site is applicable to all level users, providing detailed technological explanations and comparative analysis in a simplified manner and organized layout.

The English language version of the site can be found at:

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