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Canon Offers Free Repairs for Defective 20D Battery Pack

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*April 28, 2005 *— Relief is on the way for Canon EOS 20D users who have experienced problems with their BG-E2 battery pack. Canon issued a service release yesterday acknowledging a problem with "the number of shots being limited or a low-battery warning being displayed immediately when used with a fully charged battery pack or a fresh set of AA batteries," the release stated.

Canon apologized for the inconvenience and offered free repairs for all affected BG-E2 battery grips. Repairs will begin at the end of May, with an exact date to be announced soon. The Canon BG-E2 acts as both a battery holder and vertical grip, with additional buttons for the shutter release, main dial, AE lock/FE lock and AF point selection controls for more comfortable vertical shooting.

The battery pack adds about 2 inches to the height of the 20D and an extra 10.2 ounces of weight. It holds up to two BP-511, 512, or 514 lithium-ion battery packs or 6 AA batteries in the included battery tray. The BG-E2 sells for $250 on the Canon web site.

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