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Canon Updates Prosumer G5, Announcing New PowerShot G6

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Thursday, Canon announced the 7.1 megapixel upper-level PowerShot G6 [(spec sheet)](../specs/Canon/PowerShot%20G6.htm) to replace the existing the 5.0 megapixel G5. The G6 targets the upper end of the digital camera market, aiming for "35mm enthusiasts who can’t quite justify the expense of a digital SLR, but want a digital camera that certainly gives them a broad degree of flexibility as well as a good picture," according to Canon representative Rudy Winston. The G6 will incorporate a 4x optical zoom with the G5’s existing 35-140mm zoom lens. Along with substantial zoom capability, the G6 provides a fast lens that can close down to f/2.0 on wind angle shots and f/3.0 in full telephoto mode. This will enable the PowerShot G6 to handle low-light settings and provide proper exposures in minimal illumination. Arguably the best feature on the G6 is its 3-stop neutral density filter. The neutral density filter is accessible through the menu and will offer users the ability to engage the neutral density filter at f/8 and get an equivalent of f/22. According to Canon, the filter acts like a pair of sunglasses, cutting down light and allowing for a proper exposure in extremely close-up shots.

Winston describes the neutral density filter: "In ambient light situations, there are times when a photographer may be including the sun in a scenic picture (even at ISO50 at f/8) and still experience a little overexposure in the bright areas. The 3-stop neutral Density Filter cuts light back significantly and gives you effective light transmission, much more similar what you would expect with a digital SLR which allows you to stop down to f/16 or f.22."

Within the PowerShot series, the G6 is uniquely equipped with many SLR-like characteristics and features. Among these is expansive flash control, which provides even more opportunity in low-light situations. With full TTL (through the lens) capability, the G6 will function with EOS flash units, including macro flashes.

The new Canon PowerShot G6 will retail for $699 upon its September release.

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