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Casio announces two new compact cameras, including flagship EX-ZR200

Casio has announced two high-end compact cameras for 2012, the EX-ZR15 and their latest high-speed flagship, the EX-ZR200. Read on for the full breakdown on Casio's latest compact speedsters.

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Casio has kicked off CES 2012 by bringing the U.S. a new flagship point-and-shoot camera, the 12.5x optical EX-ZR200. The camera was announced two months ago in Tokyo, but will now officially replace the EX-ZR100 at the head of Casio's line of high speed compact cameras.

The EX-ZR200 will feature a 16.1-megapixel CMOS image sensor, designed to offer a range of high-speed still and video shooting options, following in the ZR100's footsteps.

The new camera will allow users to shoot stills at up to 30 full-resolution frames per second (with options for continuous shooting at 15, 10, 5, and 3 frames per second). High speed movie recording is also available at speeds of up to 240 frames per second, though that is likely to impact overall video quality. The EX-ZR200 otherwise records full HD 1080/30p video.

The ZR200 falls into the travel zoom category of point and shoots, fitting a 12.5x optical zoom into a compact camera body. The lens has a maximum aperture range of f/3.0-5.9, with a wide angle 35mm equivalent of 24mm.

As with previous ZR models, the EX-ZR200 utilizes Casio's high speed processing in the majority of its shooting modes, generally combining multiple images in modes such as high dynamic range (HDR), HDR art, high speed night scene, and high speed anti-shake.

Many of those same modes appear on the EX-ZR15, also announced by Casio today. The EX-ZR15 is very similar to the EX-ZR200, though it offers a 7x optical zoom range compared to 12.5x on the ZR200.

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The EX-ZR15 and EX-ZR200 otherwise have the same body style, LCD, shooting modes (save Super Macro Mode on the ZR200), ISO range, and appear to share the same CMOS image sensor.

The EX-ZR200 is expected to ship in April in black, white, red, and blue for an MSRP of $379.99. The EX-ZR15 is also expected to ship in April in black, white, red, and gold for an MSRP of $329.99, reflecting the shorter optical zoom range.

For more information on these two new cameras and to read the full press release, please visit Casio's press website here.

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