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Casio Reports Third Quarter Growth, Fourth Consecutive Year of Gains

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February 3, 2006 – At a press conference, Casio announced an overall 1.8 percent profit increase for their October-December quarter. Casio announced a total ¥ 9.02 billion for their October-December third quarter; up from ¥ 8.86 billion in 2006.

Casio attributes this success to their strong digital camera and cell phone sales, which offset the 20 percent decrease in operating profit of their LCDs. The digital cameras that Casio released in 2005 and brought in strong growth, includes the Exilim series, a famously slim compact line of digital cameras. The price of LCDs having generally been falling 10 percent per year, according to a Casio executive, more than originally predicted.

A ¥ 4 billion yen increase in digital camera revenues compared with the same quarter (Q3) in 2005 was also reported. Casio also notes that their overseas unit sales of digital cameras increased by 35% for Q3 2006 in comparison with Q3 2005.

In terms of predictions, Casio announced that in the digital camera market alone they "aim to achieve sales of 115.0 billion yen and 6.0% OPM, and to expand market share overseas."

This is the fourth consecutive fiscal year in which Casio has reported increased growth and profit.

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