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CBS Makes Katie Couric 20 Pounds Thinner in Photo

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September 6, 2006 – Last week, CBS admitted the television network airbrushed a publicity photo of their debuting evening news anchor, Katie Couric, to appear 20 pounds lighter.

Couric, who debuted last night on CBS Evening News, was ushered in as the network’s first female news anchor.

In what MSNBC is calling "Couric-gate," the doctored photo depicts Couric in a pin-stripe suit but a thinner version of the journalist. The manipulated photo, taken in May, appeared in the CBS newsletter, Watch! magazine, with 400,000 copies in circulation, according to Reuters.

CBS officials said a CBS photo department employee was a "little zealous" with the Couric picture. CBS Corp. executive VP of communications said, "I think photo [department] understands this is not something we’d do in the future," according to the AP.

The network has spent millions on the Katie Couric publicity, with hopes to bring in younger viewers, according to yesterday’s Wall Street Journal.

Couric, 49, said to reporters, "I like the first picture better because there’s more of me to love," according to Reuters.

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