An Introduction to CES 2006

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Welcome to’s coverage of the 2006 International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. This enormous convention showcases 2,500 exhibitors – including every digital camera manufacturer – and attracts 130,000 attendees. From January 4-8, we will be updating the site several times a day with tons of digital camera news, reviews, photos, and videos.

We’ve expanded our CES coverage for 2006. We will have our popular First Impression reviews, but they will be more comprehensive and informative than last year’s. While we cannot test the exact resolution or color reproduction of the floor models, we will tell you what their screen resolution is like, if you will have to worry about shutter lag, and if it’s worth waiting the month or two to purchase. We’ve brought a larger staff to the event, so expect to see about 5-8 new First Impression reviews each day.

Expect to see the past year’s trends continue to swell in 2006. Look for more megapixels, slimmer camera bodies, longer zooms, bigger LCD screens with better resolution, and more internal memory. There’s a lot of competition in the digital camera market, which is great for consumers. As the market matures in 2006, expect to see better technology at lower prices.

Look out for more distinctive features on digital cameras as well. Sure, there will be plenty of easy to use and affordable models with decent sized LCD screens and minimal amounts of internal memory. But keep your eyes peeled for wireless consumer cameras, hybrid camera-camcorder models, and cameras with interesting features like color filters and internal photo albums. If a manufacturer is going to introduce a truly innovative digital camera, they will do it at CES. Check frequently for your best source on what’s new and what’s hot at CES 2006.

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