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Dalsa Corp. Inks Deal to Manufacture High-Resolution Sensors

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*May 19, 2006 – *Electronics and semiconductor company Dalsa Corporation announced yesterday that it inked a deal with a "valued customer" worth $1.9 million. As part of the deal, Dalsa will manufacture high-resolution image sensors for the customer’s photogrammetry system that uses aerial photographs to make measurements of topographical features.

"We are pleased that our high performance image sensor technology is being incorporated into our customer’s camera system, which represents the very leading edge of professional digital imaging," said Savvas Chamberlain, CEO of Dalsa Corporation, in yesterday’s press release. "In demanding applications such as these, our leadership in technology enables us to compete successfully world-wide."

Dalsa Corporation will manufacture and deliver the image sensors within the next three months. Several high-end manufacturers include image sensors made by the company. Mamiya’s medium format ZD camera has a 22-megapixel Dalsa sensor in it. Two of the Leaf Aptus cameras use 33 and 28-megapixel sensors made by Dalsa Corporation as well.

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