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Digital Camera Market Expected to Rise, While Printer Market Falls

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* June 29, 2006 – *Business research firm, Research and Markets, recently released studies showing that the market for digital cameras is on the rise, while the printer market is expected to fall.

From 2000 to 2005, digital camera sales rose from 4.5 million to 20.5 million, according to a Research and Markets study conducted in May. One factor for this 356 percent jump in the five year period is falling camera prices, according to the study.

Customers also have more options for printing their digital photos at mini-labs, kiosks, and online, with digital photo print sales totaling $895 million in 2005. Of those surveyed who print their images, 13 percent use online photo printing services.

The Research and Markets studies show the shift in photo printer sales."Overall growth in the PC and photo printer market should be flat or decreasing between 2006 to 2010, with laser printer sales increasing and inkjet device sales decreasing," says Research and Markets conducted in March.

Although printer prices have fallen within the last five years, the study suggests the printer market will too fall or remain steady in the following years. In 2000, the average printer price was approximately $294 and dropped to $200 in 2005. The dollar sales between those years decreased 25 percent, says the study.

Research and Markets is the largest source for international and local trends of over 350 industries, according to their website. With headquarters based in Ireland, the company holds over 80,000 data analysis reports for various markets, says the website.

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