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Digital Prints Hit Record Low 5 Cent Price

Digital Prints Hit Record Low 5 Cent Price

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*November 30, 2006* – Consumers can't find much these days with a nickel price tag besides individually wrapped pieces of bubble gum.  Photographers, however, can now buy a digital print for a record-low 5 cents, according to a Nov. 26 USA Today news article.

Online photo and gifts printer is now offering a special 5 cent per 4x6 print coupon with the purchase of a separate item, according to a customer service representative.The offer is good for up to 75 prints and will last until June 2007.Customers can buy additional prints for 12 cents each, according to Winkflash representative.

In line with the new low price of a mere nickel, overall retail printing costs across the board have been drastically reduced.In 2002, the average 4x6 print cost 43 cents.Today, the average print is only 15 cents, according to Photo Marketing Association.

Kodak offers 4x6 prints on its EasyShare gallery for 15 cents each.Snapfish prints cost only 12 cents each.  Online retailers also offer additional free prints to entice new users.  Shutterfly, CVS, and Walgreens offer their prints at 19 cents with additional free prints available upon sign up.  Winkflash has another promotion for 50 free prints. 

Not counting the cost of shipping, users are increasingly looking for prints that are lower than the price of a postage stamp. 

Consumers will print 6.9 billion retail prints this year, up 50 percent from 4.6 billion prints last year, according to PMA. 

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