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Cameras is now Cameras

The same great reviews and news you've come to know are now at a new address.


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Dear Readers,

As of September 4th, has officially transitioned to its new home as Cameras.

Nearly 15 years since the launch of sites like,, and many more, we're consolidating all of our various sites under the domain. You can expect to find the same hard science, expertise, and unbiased, ethical coverage that has always marked our reviews, just finally under one banner. Our goal is to make the best destination on the web for expert reviews of digital cameras, camcorders, tablets, televisions, headphones, cars, home appliances, and all the electronics that you know, love, and depend on every day.

We have been planning this move for over a year, with a new unified design, a brand-new custom content management system, and finally our new testing labs located right in the heart of Cambridge, MA. The result will be even better testing, reviews that are easier to access, and a host of changes that will continue to cement as the place to read for informed, expert reviews of all the latest consumer tech.

As exciting as this change is for us, that's not all that we've got planned. We're focused on constantly improving the look and feel of our site and the quality of our tests, which we'll continue at our new home at We're excited to show you what else we have in store, so stay tuned to see what else we're working on.


T.J. Donegan
Editor-in-Chief, Cameras & Camcorders

Robin Liss
President & CEO,

David Kender
Senior VP of Editorial,

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