DIMA Awards Round-up

A summary of the digital photography products recognized by the Digital Imaging Marketing Association.

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March 21, 2007 - The Digital Imaging Association (DIMA) earlier this month bestowed 18 products with its Innovative Digital Product Award. A panel of industry professionals evaluated the products on the merits of innovation, originality, and their benefit to consumers.

Here’s a summary of the digital photography products that were recognized:

**Zigview S2 by the Argraph Corporation

**Hard-to-reach angles can be easily achieved with the Zigview, a digital angle viewfinder for digital SLRs. It displays a live video feed from the camera’s viewfinder. Additional features include a motion detection shutter release, which can be set to be triggered by motion in certain areas of the viewfinder; an intervalometer that can be set to fire 999,999 times over a period of 999 days at a range of intervals; and video output that can be hooked up to a television screen or computer monitor.

- Read DCI's original news piece on the Zigview S2

SensorScope System by Delkin Devices, Inc.

The SensorScope System is a complete sensor cleaning system designed to make the delicate process safe and easy. It comes with a miniature vacuum, solution, and cleaning wand.

Nexlab With DS Tower by DNP Photo Imaging America

Multiple high-speed dye sublimation printers work together to print more than 1,600 unique prints an hour.

Epson Stylus Photo 1400 by Epson America, Inc.

Capable of producing 13" x 19" prints and offered at the relatively low price of $399.99, the Stylus Photo 1400 was recognized by DIMA for its speed and value.

FacePro by FotoNation

FacePro is a face-tracking product that steps up the quality of camera phone images. The information gathered about the face can also be associated with the phone’s address book.

Fujifilm IS-1 by Fujifilm USA

The camera, which has infrared capabilities, was designed for law enforcement as well as medical and dental professionals.

HP Designjet Z Photo Printer Series

HP introduced two models – the8-ink HP Designjet Z2100 and 12-ink HP Designjet Z3100 – that print museum-quality prints up to 24 and 44 inches wide.

Gorillapod Family by Joby, Inc.

The Gorillapod is a tripod that can be twisted and bent to steady cameras in challenging environments and at sharp angles. The tripod is available in three sizes.

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Photobook Pro by KIS Photo-Me Group

The Photobook Pro assembles a bound photo album in less than three minutes or as many as 20 books an hour, eliminating the need for a third-party vendor.

Lensbaby 3G by Lensbabies, LLC

The third generation of the Lensbaby allows photographers to lock the lens in the desired position by pressing a button. Previous models required the user to hold the lens in place. Lensbabies are selective focus SLR lenses that can be bent in various directions, allowing for creative placement of focusing in a photo.

EVOLT E-510 by Olympus

The EVOLT E-510 is a 10-megapixel DSLR that features a Live-View LCD that allows photographers to take overhead and floor-level shots with ease. When it’s released in June, consumers can choose from one of three price points: $799 for the body, $899 for the body and a 14-42mm lens, and $999 for the body, a 14-42mm lens, and a 40-150mm lens.

Read more from DCI about the E-510 here

SP-550 UZ by Olympus

The SP-550 has an 18x optical zoom lens - the widest ranged lens of on any compact digital camera to date. Other features include: a full manual mode, dual image stabilization, and the ability to shoot 15 frames per second.

Stylus 770 SW by Olympus

According to Olympus, users can drown, freeze, drop, or crush the Stylus 770 SW and it will still work.

rotation360 by Think Tank Photo

If you’re a photographer that finds gadget backpacks annoyingly inaccessible and crave more space than offered by a belt back, then the rotation360 may be the solution for you. The backpack/belt pack combination features functionality that allows the belt pack to easily be rotated to the front and back of the wearer’s body.

Xerox iGen3 Digital Production Press by the Xerox Corporation

The press improves color consistency with its built-in image-improving software.

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