First Ever Photo Metadata Conference to Convene in June

Read about the importance and problem with photo metadata. Industry leaders such as Adobe, Apple, and Canon will be attending the first ever International Photo Metadata Conference in June.

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April 3, 2007 – Most photographers can agree on the importance of and problems arising from photo metadata. While metadata can help locate pictures and properly identify images, it also lacks universal support across multiple applications. Major camera manufacturers, software providers, and computer system developers across the globe have taken notice and will hold the 1st International Photo Metadata Conference. The one-day event will take place on June 7 in Florence, Italy, pulling together the major players in the imaging industry to find a universal solution to metadata.

Photographers often use metadata, or EXIF, XMP, IPTC information attached to pictures to store keyword tags, author, and basic photo shooting settings. The problem arises when users switch between cameras, photo programs, or PC and Mac computers that can cause troubles, ranging from a simple annoyance for the photographer who can’t find an image to an international press agency losing a photo's critical copyright information.

As a response, camera manufactures, photographers, editors, software designers, and creative professionals will be attending the Photo Metadata Conference. Sponsored by Adobe Systems Inc. and organized by news publishers IPTC of Germany, Ifra of the UK, and CEPIC (Coordination of European Picture Agencies Press Stock Heritage), the Photo Metadata Conference will include speakers from Canon, Hasselblad, Apple, and Microsoft.

"The goal of the conference is to simplify the convergence and global applicability of photo metadata, and determine how to maximize the widespread and consistent implementation of standards – adding value to photos," stated an IPTC press release today.

This consortium of imaging resources may be the first step towards curing the long-standing problem of metadata and finding a cross-platform application to improve editing and the resale of images.

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