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Fuji Announces ASK-4000 and ASK-2000 Printers

Fuji Announces ASK-4000 and ASK-2000 Printers

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January 16, 2007 – Fujifilm launched two new professional printers today, the ASK-4000 and ASK-2000, geared for professional event photographers for on-site printing. The ASK-4000 with its largest print size at 8x12 retails for $3995 and ASK-2000 with the largest print size at 6x9 will retail for $2750 when the products become available at the end of the month, according to a Fuji representative.

The ASK-4000 can print an 8x10 image at the list price of $1.85 per print in approximately 40 seconds, stated the Fuji representative. The ASK-2000 can print a 4x6 photo in 8 seconds for only 59 cents, including the cost of paper and ribbon.

Because of its speed and compact size, measuring 1.5 square feet (ASK-4000) or 1.3 square feet (ASK-2000), the Fuji printers are targeted towards on-site printing for wedding photographers, studio photographers, and even law enforcement.

The new Fuji dye diffusion thermal transfer printers are marketed as equipment for "high-speed, high-quality prints at minimal cost," stated the release. The ASK-4000 and ASK-2000 come equipped with Fuji’s Image Intelligence technology that allows users to bypass editing software to produce natural-looking images quickly, stated the release. The PC-compatible printers are connected via a USB connection and require no chemicals.

"With today’s’ announcement, we’re bringing out printing expertise directly to professional photographers and giving them the solution they need to deliver beautiful, high-quality photographs to their customers almost immediately following an event," said Fujifilm director of marketing James Riekert at Kiosks Imaging Division.

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