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Fuji Introduces A920 with Redesigned GUI

Along with other announcements for the fall product lineup, Fujifilm today launched the FinePix A920. The digital point-and-shoot features a 4x optical zoom and a graphic user interface with help icons. With additional IR Simple Technology, the FinePix

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July 26, 2007 – Fujifilm today launched the FinePix A920, a 9-megapixel point-

and-shoot that features a 4x optical zoom lens and a graphic user interface with help icons. It will retail for $199.95 when the camera ships in September.

The A920 shares the 4x optical zoom lens and maximum ISO 800 sensitivity with its predecessor, the A900. The new FinePix has a larger 2.7-inch LCD screen compared to the 2.5-inch LCD on last year’s model.

The Fuji A920 also includes a graphic user interface (GUI), geared for beginners. When a user changes a camera setting, the camera displays a dialogue box, or help icon, that explains the shooting details.

The FinePix A920 carries a Picture Stabilization mode that increases sensitivity and shutter speed, promising to reduce noise and blur. The camera has a movie mode that captures video at 320x240 at 30fps with sound. 

The included IrSimple technology uses an infrared sensor to communicate with other IrSimple-enabled devices. Once wirelessly connected, the camera can send photos to other IrSimple-cameras.

"We expect that [IR communication will be] a prevalent technology in 2008 worldwide," said Fujifilm Senior Product Manager David Troy on Consumer Digital Cameras, Electronics Imaging Division in a press interview.

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The A920 accepts two AA batteries and xD, SD, and SDHC media.

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