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Fuji Targets Gen Y with Z10fd

With demographic-driven goals for a Generation Y audience, Fujifilm today announced the FinePix Z10fd. Under the Fuji slogan, “Face_it. Beam_it. Blog it,” this point-and-shoot possesses face detection, IR Simple technology for wireless image transf

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July 26, 2007 - Fujifilm today announced the FinePix Z10*fd, a 7.2-megapixel camera marketed to Generation Y. Under the slogan, "Face_it. Beam_it. Blog_it," this point-and-shoot possesses face detection, IrSimple technology for wireless image transfer, and a Blog function. Complemented by a new website, the Fuji Z10fd* will be offered in new colors designed to win over younger fashion-conscious consumers. The Z10*fd* will retail for $199.95 when it is available in September.

Fuji markets the Z10*fd* to the 13- to 26-year-old demographic. With a new color scheme and camera sharing functions, the Z10*fd* is tailored for Gen Y or, as Fuji likes to call it, "Gen Z."

The Z10*fd* follows last year's Z5*fd*. The Z10*fd maintains a 3x optical zoom lens and 2.5-inch LCD screen. The Z10*fd, however, has a higher 7.2-megapixel Super CCD versus the previous model's 6.3-megapixel sensor.

Like the Z5*fd*, the Z10*fd* includes face detection technology and adds an additional feature called Automatic Red-eye Removal that automatically corrects red eye within the camera. The camera instantly detects a face and makes the edit, eliminating the need for post-capture computer editing.

The Z10*fd* features IrSimple technology, Fuji’s system for wireless image transfer. With an infrared sensor located on the camera body, users can transfer photos between Ir-enabled devices, including other cameras.

"This demographic – it’s really all about their friends and their environment," said Fujifilm Senior Product Manager David Troy of Consumer Digital Cameras, Electronics Imaging Division in a press interview. "IrSimple communication makes it easier to capture a great shot and basically pass it to your friend." 

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Further catering to the Internet-savvy generation, the F10*fd* has a corresponding destination website - - where users can submit photos for competition and download displays. The site will launch Aug. 1. 

The camera features a dedicated Blog mode, carried over from the Z5*fd* camera. The Blog mode is a built-in editing function that resizes a photo to Web resolution (640x480 or 320x240 pixels) post capture.


The F10*fd* will be available in five colors, including some that weren't previously offered: Midnight Black, Wave Blue, Sunset Orange, Hot Pink, and Wasabi Green.

"Colors have recently become popular in digital cameras, and Fuji is jumping out in front introducing a number of very vibrant and energetic colors for this camera," said Troy.

The Fuji FinePix 10*fd* accepts Li-ion batteries with a reported 200 shots per charge. The camera comes with 54MB of internal memory and accepts xD, SD, and SDHC media for additional storage.

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