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Fujifilm Presents S5 Pro

Fujifilm Announces S5 Pro with Post-Capture Face Detection Technology

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Cologne, Germany, September 25, 2006 – Fujifilm announced today the release of the S5 Pro DSLR, an update to the S3 Pro, which was announced at the previous Photokina exhibition in 2004. The S5 Pro carries a new 6.1-megapixel Super CCD SR (12.34-megapixel dual diode design), coupled with a newly configured RP (Real Photo) Processor Pro, and adds a post-capture face detection function to check focus. Fujifilm also upgraded the build quality of their flagship FinePix model, constructing the S5 out of a durable metal alloy body frame. Fuji representatives anticipate the Fuji S5 Pro will be available in early 2007.

Called "the next generation of DSLRs," according to Fuji Marketing Manager of Professional Consumer Digital Cameras Darren Pepple, the new Fuji S5 Pro is geared to commercial photographers for studio portraiture and wedding photography, like the S3 Pro. The new camera, however, also branches out to the new target audience of nature photographers, according to Pepple, due to the S5’s more robust chasse.

The S5’s new Super CCD SR Pro sensor retains the same 6.1-megapixel resolution of the S3, but improves on the strengths of its predecessor. The re-configured dual-pixel imager is optimized to reduce noise and control moiré, with an improved low-pass filter. The camera’s RP Processor Pro also employs two cycles of noise reduction, enabling Fujifilm to increase sensitivity up to ISO 3200. The S5 also upgrades to an 11-point autofocus system, up from the S3’s 5-point design.

The Fuji S5 possesses a post-capture face detection system, not be confused with Fuji’s facial recognition in shooting mode. The S5’s face detection outlines up to ten faces in a recorded frame on the LCD, ideal for portrait photographers looking for quick review to check focus and sharpness. The new DSLR offers a larger 2.5-inch, 235,000 pixel LCD, up from the S3’s 2-inch display at the same screen resolution. Fujifilm also included a faster sync flash time at 1/250 of a second, up from the S3’s 1/180 sync speed and added i-TTL flash support.

New to the FinePix line, the S5 Pro contains a 10-10 serial port connection for reading and importing encoded information into the file’s exif data.

Like the S3, the S5’s new body is fitted with a Nikon F-mount. The S5’s new frame is a bit heavier than the S3, but shorter by a few millimeters. The S5 is made of a more rugged metal alloy, inspired by the Nikon D200 body, according to Pepple. The S5 is a "true DSLR frame," said Pepple. "If you are shooting with a Nikon, it will be very familiar," he said.

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The S5 improves upon the pseudo-live preview function, first introduced in the S3. The preview is upgraded to a one-minute preview from a 30 second display on the S3, but cannot be maintained for longer due to heat build-up. The S5 also adds a color preview over the S3’s monochromic stream.

The S5 Pro complements Fuji’s announcement of the specialized S3 UVIR DSLR last month. Since its launch on August 9th, 2006, Fuji has already oversold the in-demand product, produced for law enforcement after UV film was discontinued. Fuji stated the manufacturer will continue to pursue UV and IR technology and market to another niche market, fine art photographers. The S3 UVIR "won’t be the last IR camera from Fujifilm," said Pepple. "We are already investigating second and third generation technology to move forward," he said.

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