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Fujifilm to Provide Printing Service for Cingular Wireless Camera Phone Users

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September 13, 2005 – Fujifilm and Cingular Wireless announced today that customers of Cingular Wireless will be able to use Fujifilm’s Get The Picture Mobile service to manage and print images from camera phones. Cingular customers, in addition to sharing and storing images, will also be able to print images directly from their camera phones and pick them up at a participating retailer in as little as an hour or have the prints mailed to them.

Cingular customers can sign up for the service by paying a $2.99 monthly fee, plus any printing costs. Users can access the service directly from any one of 60 compatible phones and are also able to manage and email images, in addition to ordering prints. A postcard feature, which allows users to pick an image and have it sent to anyone in the United States, is also available for a $1.99 per postcard cost.

Fujifilm and Cingular’s announcement follows the release of a study today by NPD Techworld, commissioned by Fujifilm, that found that 44.6 percent of 400 cell phone users surveyed had taken pictures with their cell phones that they wish they had been able to print. Along with the study’s main finding, NPD Techworld also found that users of camera phones often avoided printing images because of low image quality, too complex of a process, or a perceived high cost.

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