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Fujifilm UK Announces Image Stabilized Z100fd

In addition to the five camera overhaul today in the U.S., Fujifilm UK launched an additional FinePix Z100fd. The 8-megapixel FinePix point-and-shoot carries shifting CCD image stabilization, face detection, a new Automatic Red Eye Removal, and wireless

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July 26, 2007 – In addition to the five Fuji cameras launched today in the U.S., Fujifilm UK announced the FinePix Z100*fd*. The 8-megapixel FinePix point-and-shoot features CCD-shift image stabilization, face detection, a new Automatic Red Eye Removal function, and has wireless image transfer abilities. The Fuji Z100*fd* will be available in October in the UK. Pricing has not yet been announced.

The Fuji Z100*fd* is the first of the Z-series to include CCD-shift image stabilization, which helps to reduce blur due to camera shake. The camera also has a maximum sensitivity up to 1600 at full resolution for low-light shooting without a flash.

The Fuji Z100*fd* has a new two-tone metal body that features a sliding door that covers the lens. The camera is available in four colors: Shell Pink, Satin Silver, Cappuccino Brown, and Tuxedo Black. The camera measures 19.8mm (0.77 inches) thick at its thinnest part.

'The FinePix Z100*fd* is the perfect 'social' camera for the user looking for a combination of classic styling and cutting edge features," said Fujifilm Director of Photo Products Adrian Clarke in a company press release today. "We believe that consumers wanting a super-slim camera shouldn't have to make compromises on image quality or features, and with the Z100*fd* they don't.'

The Fuji Z100*fd* is fitted with a 5x optical zoom, a longer zoom than on other similar Fuji cameras such as the Z10*fd  (also announced today) and the Z5*fd. The Z1000*fd* has a wide focal length of 35-177mm. It also has a larger scratch-resistant 2.7-inch, 230,000-pixel LCD compared to earlier Z-series models.

The FinePix Z100*fd* comes with Fuji’s second generation face detection that automatically focuses on, exposes, and optimizes white balance for up to 10 faces in a scene. The camera includes a new Automatic Red Eye Removal that works with the face detection system to automatically correct red eye in photos.

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"The FinePix Z100*fd*'s red eye removal system is not confused by lips or red coloured jewellery, as some other systems can be, as it works in tandem with Fujifilm's Face Detection system to identify eyes and nothing else," stated the release.

Other notable features include a new Micro Thumbnail view that displays a 100-shot index to allow users to quickly scan through large volumes of photos on the LCD screen. The Folder Select function categorizes photos into preset folders.

In addition, the Z100*fd* features Fuji’s IrSimple technology that allows users to wirelessly send photos to other infrared-enabled devices.

The Fuji FinePix Z100*fd* has 16 scene modes. The camera stores 54MB internal memory and is compatible with xD, SD, SDHC media.

Key Features:

5x optical zoom

Face Detection

CCD-shift Image Stabilization

Redesigned Graphic User Interface

New Micro Thumbnail view

New Automatic Red Eye Removal

IrSimple (Infrared communication)

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