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Head to Head: Canon A1300 vs. Canon A2400 IS

Canon's A1300 and A2400 are both inexpensive members of the entry level A-series, however their target audiences are vastly different. Read on to find out how they stack up.

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Both the A1300 and A2400 IS are new low-end offerings from Canon, though the A1300 is tweaked for a slightly different audience. Designed for, shall we say, more "traditional" photographers, the A1300 is equipped with an optical viewfinder and uses AA-batteries instead of a rechargeable battery pack.

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Image Quality

Based on our lab tests, we're very confident these two cameras are using identical sensors, similar image processors, and similar or identical lenses. As a result, image quality is quite similar. Both offer amazing color accuracy, but both are prone to destructive noise reduction and heavy chromatic aberration. Ultimately neither of these cameras capture very impressive photos.

Winner: Tie

Design & User Experience

Build construction is slightly better for the A2400, but both cameras have the same excellent Canon menu system, which is fast and intuitive even for beginners. Feature set is also basically the same (for better and worse), save for the A1300's optical viewfinder. The A2400's singular advantage over the A1300 is the stabilization system, which we found genuinely effective for reducing camera shake and preventing blurred photos.

Winner: Canon PowerShot A2400 IS


This one comes down to personal preference. With almost identical features and performance across the board, not to mention a similar price point, really the only considerations are whether or not you prefer AA-batteries, and whether or not you prefer a viewfinder. AA's are inconvenient for our purposes, so we're going with the slightly higher-quality A2400 for this Head to Head, but the margin is as slim as they come.

Overall Winner: Canon PowerShot A2400 IS

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