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Head to Head: Sony Cyber-shot HX10V vs. HX9V

Sony's excellent HX9V remains king of travel zoom cameras.


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Sony's excellent HX9V has been the king of travel zoom cameras since we published our review last December, so when the company announced their HX10V shortly after, we had a feeling its reign might be a short one. Boy were we mistaken.

To read our in-depth, hands-on review of the Sony Cyber-shot HX10V, click here.

To read our in-depth, hands-on review of the Sony Cyber-shot HX9V, click here.


The HX10V's shift to 18.2 megapixels was not a smooth one. Color accuracy has taken a nosedive since the last model, resulting in a score that's far below average. We ran the test over and over to be sure, and were shocked every time by the result. We were also blown away by an equally significant drop in noise reduction performance. You may have heard of the HX10V's new composite image technique, which combines four high-ISO shots into one (hopefully) noise free shot. But despite the trickery, images captured with the HX10V are still noisier than its predecessor.

Winner: Sony Cyber-shot HX9V

Design and Handling

The HX10V's only saving grace comes from its ease of use. We had a fun time shooting with the new model, and did score some great shots, but this is true of the HX9V too. Handling the HX10V is slightly worse, thanks to a less grippy rubberized section, and no improvements have been made to the menu system this time around.

Winner: Sony Cyber-shot HX9V (barely)


The HX9V is still the king of travel zooms, and with the HX10V now on the market, we expect the price of its outstanding older brother to drop, adding another "pro" to the growing list. The bump in megapixels has resulted in some major performance downgrades, leaving us with no reason to recommend the HX10V over the HX9V.

Winner: Sony Cyber-shot HX9V

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