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HP Expands Recycling Initiative

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June 28, 2006 – HP announced yesterday the expansion of its global recycling program, beginning in the U.S. with local collections of returned electronic products this summer.

From June to September, HP will hold product collections in Colorado, Connecticut, Illinois, Maryland, Minnesota, New Mexico, and Oregon. Customers can drop off the used HP products, including hardware and ink cartridges, at no charge.

"HP is on target to meet its global goal to recycle 1 billion pounds of hardware and HP print cartridges by the end of 2007," says yesterday’s HP press release. The company recycled nearly 140 million pounds of products last year, according to the release. The plastics and metals retrieved from the returned electronics are reused for new HP products and non-HP objects such as toys, roof tiles, and automobile parts.

HP currently hosts recycling programs in 40 countries. Further product return collections are planned for other countries, including Australia, China, and France.

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