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Japanese Digital Camera Sales Have Peaked

Japanese Digital Camera Sales Have Peaked

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October 9, 2006 – The Japanese digital camera market has already peaked in 2004, according to a Photo Marketing Association data watch released today. Two years ago, Japan sold 8.5 million digital cameras with total sales dropping in 2005.

Last year, Japanese sales fell to 8.4 million, roughly the same amount in 2003. Up until the peak year in 2004, total unit sales were on a steady incline with anywhere between one hundred thousand to 2 million unit increases year-over-year, according to the PMA study.

Marketing research firm InfoTrends also stated the Japanese market has had its heyday, according to a September 27th Photokina InfoBriefing conference.

The recent drop in sales is found in point-and-shoot models, while DSLR sales are still rising, according to PMA. PMA attributes the point-and-shoot sale decline to Japan’s advancement with camera cell phones.

"The cameraphone technology and network capabilities in Japan far exceed most other countries, so the affect on digital camera adoption and usage is stronger here than elsewhere, as consumers are actually able to use their phones in place of their cameras," stated PMA marketing research analyst Emily Fassanella.

While the Japanese market may have peaked, InfoTrends predicts overall Asian digital camera sales will increase, particularly in China.

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