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Kingston Adds 8 GB CompactFlash

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June 6. 2006 - Kingston Technology Company, Inc. has just announced the upcoming release of an 8-GB CompactFlash card. This 8 GB card will join a line of CompactFlash memory options which include 512 MB, 1-GB, 2-GB, and 4-GB memory cards.

According to Mark Leathem, Flash business development manager at Kingston Technology Company, Inc., "The new 8-GB CF Elite Pro card will allow photographers to capture more images on a single card and better manage their workflow." The 8-GB Type 1 CompactFlash Elite Pro card will have a maximum potential transfer rate of 8 MB per second for read speed and a 6.75 MB per second maximum write speed when used in conjunction with high performance digital devices. These speeds will vary based upon the quality of products being used with the CompactFlash memory card.

The 8 GB Compact Flash card will have a suggested retail price of $399.99 and will come with a lifetime warranty and free technical support. Information regarding Compact Flash memory card options can be found at the Kingston website,

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