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Kodak Adds Lifestyle Site

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January 24, 2006 – In order to generate interest and accessibility, Kodak will be adding a lifestyle site within their main website with tutorials that both teach and promote use of Kodak products. The site builds on the paradigm of beauty and creativity in the home through ingenuity and self-expression, made famous by publications like Martha Stewart and Real Simple Magazine, and seems to be geared to that exact same demographic.

Via "Simply Pictures," viewers of the website are invited to visit "One Kodak Lane," a virtual dream home enticing visitors to explore what can be done with their digital pictures, as well as get ideas for photo projects. The site, filled with Kodak products and accessories made with Kodak products, is completely interactive with both video and sound. Tea is even boiling on the stove, as the virtual visitor enters the virtual kitchen.

The tour takes visitors through kitchen, family room, bedroom, office and craft room. Upon viewing each room, visitors can click on a Kodak product, accessory or photo-made project that strikes their fancy. They are then brought to a detailed screen listing which Kodak products are necessary to make the project, as well as full detailed instructions, including downloadable templates when necessary. Such projects include something as simple as a Sepia-toned print hanging on a wall, a Kodak printer port on a kitchen counter, a tote bag with dog pictures, a baby mobile and instructions for hosting a "Potluck Photo Party."

Right now, the sight can be found within the Kodak’s Consumer Photography, Printing and Sharing section, but we assume that this will be added to the Kodak Gallery website, as it refers to the Kodak Easy Share Gallery throughout the tour. According to Business Wire News, Kodak wants to expand "Simply Pictures" to a forum where consumers can post projects and photos for public viewing.

The entrance to "One Kodak Lane" can be found at:

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