Kodak Board Names New VPs

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December 20, 2005 – Presumably as part of its massive restructuring plan to reorient the company towards a focus on digital imaging over film, Kodak’s Board of Directors has elected and announced yesterday the addition of five new Vice Presidents:

Diane McCue was named the General Manager of Paper & Output Systems, Kodak Digital and Film Imaging Systems; Bjorn Stenslie was named General Manager for Worldwide Sales and Marketing and Vice President, Kodak Entertainment Imaging; John Blake was named General Manager, Digital Capture and Imaging Products, Kodak Digital and Film Imaging Systems; Andrew Copley was named Managing Director and Vice President for Global Sales and Operations, Kodak Graphic Communications Group and William Tompkins was named General Manager and Vice President of the Motion Picture Film Group, Kodak Entertainment Imaging.

While Kodak is best known for film, in actuality their earnings from digital products have exceeded their earnings from the film-based equipment division for the first time this year. This year has also marked Kodak’s launch of a huge marketing campaign to reconcile its brand image with the reality of its core business.

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