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Kodak Announces Highest Resolution Imaging Sensor to Date

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October 20, 2005 - Anyone want a 39 megapixel camera? Kodak may soon have you covered. Today Eastman Kodak has announced the KODAK KAF-39000 and KODAK KAF-31600 Image Sensors, with 39 million and 31.6 million pixels, respectively.

Both CCDs contain a new 6.8 micron pixel, designed for high resolution without sacrificing dynamic range, color reproduction, or image clarity. The KAF-39000 measures 36 mm x 48 mm, while the KAF-31600 has dimensions of 33 mm x 44 mm.

General Manager Chris McNiffe of Kodak’s Imaging Sensor Solutions operations said, "Our new image sensors nearly double the resolution available for professional photography - helping bring images to life in a way never before possible… These products are further examples of Kodak's ability to leverage our legacy of innovation to provide products that uniquely meet our customers' needs - whatever market they may serve."

The pair of new sensiors will be featured in a future pair of camera backs from Phase One, the P45 and P30.

Kodak currently has three other medium-format imaging sensors on the market, the largest of which used to be the KAF-22000 at 22 million pixels.

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