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Kodak Hires Two New Vice Presidents

Kodak Hires Two New Vice Presidents, Douglas Edwards, Gerard Meuchner

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October 18, 2006 – The Board of Directors at Eastman Kodak Co. today announced the election of two new vice presidents of the company, Douglas Edwards and Gerard Meuchner. Edwards and Meuchner’s new positions will be effective immediately.

Edwards joined Kodak in 1998 and having moved throughout the Kodak International Paper, Polychrome Graphics, and Graphic Communications Group divisions. As a Ph.D. in superconducting organic materials, Edwards previously worked as an Ilford Ltd. developer of silver halide film and paper, and holds several patents, according to a Kodak press release today.

Meuchner started with Kodak in 2000, directing corporate media relations. Before then, Meuchner worked for Bloomberg News for 10 years, as a reporter and editor.

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