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Kodak launches new M5370 and Z5010 Easyshare cameras

Kodak unveiled a small handful of new EasyShare point-and-shoots, including the Touch M5370 and Z5010 superzoom.

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Kodak recently announced a handful of new Easyshare point-and-shoots, including the Touch M5370 pocket camera and Z5010 superzoom models.

The latest Touch is a 16-megapixel shooter with—you guessed it—a touchscreen. It has a respectable 5x zoom lens (28-140mm equivalent), 720p HD video recording, and Kodak’s usual red Share button for easy uploads and sharing. It captures to microSD cards, more typically used in mobile phones than in digital cameras. It replaces the 14-megapixel Touch M577 from earlier this year. Aside from the pixel count and some minor physical differences, the two Touches are almost identical. The new M5370 is already available in blue and silver for about $160.

The 14-megapixel Z5010 sports a 21x zoom lens (25-525mm equivalent) with stabilization. The rest of the spec sheet is pretty typical of a budget superzoom: 720p HD video, 3-inch LCD, 4xAA battery power, and of course, Kodak’s red Share button. It’s a step down from the Easyshare Max Z990 model, a CMOS-based 30x zoomer released a few months ago—check out our recent review to get an idea of how the Z5010 might fare. The Z5010 is expected to ship in early October in black for about $230.

Kodak also quietly launched the M5350, which appears to be a non-touch version of the M5370. It’s currently available in red and black for about $130.

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