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Kodak Leads In Digital Camera Sales In The US

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February 13, 2006 – Kodak may now be referred to as the #1 digital camera seller in the US for 2005, coming in at 7 million cameras sold, according to a release from the Associated Press reporting on results from IDC, a Massachusetts research group.

While Canon reported another recording-breaking year of profit and strong digital camera sales overall, it seems that they could not manage to out-compete Kodak in the US, coming in at #2 for US digital camera sales. Sony came in at #3, according to IDC’s marketing results.

Kodak’s 7 million units illustrates a 43 percent increase from their 2004 sales, making it seem as though their concentrated shift to mainstream consumer photography, which CEO Antonio Perez has focused on growing since taking over, is already paying off. As we have reported previously, digital imaging now makes up 54 percent of Kodak’s total 2005 revenue and, according to Kodak, 2005 marked "the first time in the company’s history that digital revenue exceeded traditional."

On the overall global stage, Kodak came in 3rd for digital camera sales, while Canon and Sony came in 1st and 2nd. Nikon, Hewlett Packard, Olympus and Fuji followed consecutively.

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