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Leica Offers Rebates for Modul-R, R9, and lenses

Leica Offers Rebates for Modul-R, R9, and lenses, Digital-Modul-R, M lens

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October 17, 2006 – Rebate season has started, and Leica is no exception to the discount days. Last week, Leica announced discounts for the Digital-Modul-R, the R9 camera, and 6-bit coded lenses.

Customers will receive $500 back after purchasing either a new Leica R9 camera or the digital/analog Digital-Modul-R. The savings only apply to purchases made in the United States or Canada. A brief Leica announcement is available at

To encourage customers to upgrade their lenses to 6-bit coding, Leica also announced the "Free 6-bit coding" promotion. For purchases of new M lenses made in the United States or Canada from October 1 to December 31, customers will receive two vouchers, each worth $125 towards the 6-bit code.

Standard rebate rules apply. Customers must include a copy of a sales receipt and a warranty card. Details are available at the Leica website at

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