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Leica Offers Update to Repair M8 Image Quality Issues

Leica Upgrades M8, Leica Offers Update to Repair M8 Image Quality Issues

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November 27, 2006 – Leica announced on Friday an update for the Leica M8 to repair banding and mirror/ghosting problems on its early models.Starting today, all new M8 shipments will be integrated with the upgraded system.

The $5000 rangefinder, announced at Photokina this year, has been hailed as a dream come true, according to a Sept. 15 Leica press release.Early models of the M8, however, have displayed performance problems in a number of cases which has marred that dream.

In response to the "annoying effects," as Leica calls the banding and mirror/ghost difficulties, the manufacturer offers free customer service to M8 users for cameras purchased before today.  Users should register online for the free upgrade before Dec. 6.

"We have taken extra precautions to not only make sure that the problem does not surface again, but that this remedy will enable every M8 to meet and exceed Leica performance standards," stated the release.

Early M8 models have also displayed a weak IR cut filter which has displeased many initial users. To alleviate this problem, Leica has offered all M8 users two free screw-on UV/IR lens filters to prevent color problems.To receive the lens filters for "above-average sensitivity for infrared light," users must register online before Dec. 6 and should expect delivery in February.

Leica will release firmware update 1.10 next month and plans to release more downloadable updates in the future, according to the release.

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