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Lexar 2GB Shoot-n-Sync™ Wi-Fi® Memory Card

Lexar recently announced the 2GB Shoot-n-Sync™ Wi-Fi® memory card

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Lexar recently announced the  2GB Shoot-n-Sync™ Wi-Fi® memory card that features Eye-Fi technology and connects to Eye-Fi's web service wirelessly. The 2GB memory card is compatible with SD-compatible digital cameras and compatible with both Windows® and Mac® operating systems.

Product Highlights

    * Upload photos automatically, effortlessly, and wirelessly

    * Instantly connects and wirelessly transfers photos via your home Wi-Fi network

    * Backup photos to your PC and easily share them on favorite photo-sharing websites

    * Works with SD-compatible digital cameras

    * No cables, no cradles, no hassles

    * Combines Lexar memory card technology with wireless technology from Eye-Fi

    * Includes USB card reader for one-time setu

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