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Matsushita Sued for Kodak Camera Patents

Eastman Kodak Co. today announced that the digital camera manufacturer will sue Matsushita, the Japanese parent company to Panasonic and JVC, for possible violation of Kodak patents of its digital camera technology.

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July 27, 2007 – Eastman Kodak Co. today said it is suing Matsushita, the Japanese parent company of Panasonic and JVC, for possible violations of its digital camera technology patents, according to a Reuters news report today.

Kodak filed the lawsuit on Wednesday in the Eastern District of Texas, citing infringement of Kodak patents for image compression, digital storage, and motion image preview, according to Reuters.

Eastman Kodak Co. has a history of litigation with other corporations, including legal battles with Ampex Corp., Phillips Corp., and more recently with Sony Corp. who signed a cross-licensing pact earlier this year, according to Reuters.

Kodak licenses out its sensor technology to other manufacturers. Kodak sensors can be found in the Leica M8 rangefinder and in the forthcoming Pentax 645 digital medium format camera still in development.

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