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Metz Offers Flash Rebates

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June 12, 2006 - Metz has just announced a new rebate opportunity for three of their high power flash units, when purchased between April 7, 2006 and July 31, 2006. Included in the rebate offer are the 76 MZ-5 Digital, 45 CL-4 Digital and the 54 MZ-4. The rebate levels vary based on the model, but consumers can expect savings of $76 for the 76 MZ-5, $50 for the 45 CL-4, and $40 for the 54 MZ-4.

The Metz 76 MZ-5 and 45 CL-4 were originally released earlier this year at PMA in Orlando, Florida, and are designed with an adapter system which allows both flashes to be used with a number of cameras being produced by various manufacturers. The Handle-Mount 76-MZ5 flash has a maximum guide number of 249 feet as well as 20-mm wide angle diffuser and a zoom reflector from 24mm to 105mm. The lower priced 45 CL-4 has a guide number of 145 feet and features a 28mm wide-angle diffuser. The Metz adapter system and new digital handle-mounts allow for compatibility with both Nikon i-TTL and Canon E-TTL flash metering systems.

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