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Microsoft Releases Free Photo Info Tool

Microsoft Releases Free Photo Info Tool

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January 25, 2007 – Microsoft launched this week a new Windows Explorer tool for viewing metadata on photos on the web. The free Microsoft Photo Info Tool software allows users to change metadata attached to photos within Explorer, saving the user from having to open a separate photo editing program.

Under the slogan of "Information at your fingers," the new Microsoft Photo Info displays file type, image size, ISO, white balance information, among other properties. Users can add keywords, descriptions, and copyright information to photos directly in Explores. Users can also change EXIF data such as date and time information on images for users’ whose cameras have an incorrect clock setting.

In addition, users can either make changes to photos individually or batch edit through a collection option.

Microsoft Photo Info supports JPEG, TIFF, WDP, HDP, NEF, CR2, and CRW files. Windows XP and Vista users can download Microsoft Photo Info at

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